My Poetry Journal

I’ve spoken about my book journal before, and a book journal is a very common thing, especially in the bookie community! But when doing my research before starting the book journal, hoping to find some needed inspiration, I could find none (except for some pinterest boards of children’s ones). So now I’m just going to … More My Poetry Journal

Blogging Days

Hi guys!   Just came back from holiday – hence my absence. Currently doing some serious writing for the next week, and I wanted to talk to you (very briefly) about my type of blogging.   Talking to some people, I notice a two different types of blogging styles (relating to the writing process, not content). … More Blogging Days

Rotting Plotting.

I’ve been planning a new story for a while now. I have the setting (which is very important in this novel). I have (most of) the characters (who are important in any novel).   However, apart from one plot point, I have no idea what is going to happen! It’s so frustrating, because the characters … More Rotting Plotting.

2015 Project!

So VERY excited to introduce to you my new project for 2015. It is a joint blog, where lots of different people will join to create a mix of different writing topic and styles! For more information and how you can join, visit: