About Me

I am not currently accepting review requests.


Welcome to my blog! Thank you for finding me, I’m Catriona, and I love blogging, especially about books. I’m excited to start branching out, so I hope to be talking about other things that I love, like planning, blogging and writing.


You can contact me at wordsofabluebird@gmail.com – I would love to hear from you!


My reviewing style is a bit different to the average 5 star system, click here to read about it.


Currently, I have a schedule of:

This may change, I love updating these kind of things, and so I don’t always stick to this. I won’t post awful content, and as a result there may be a day or two when I don’t post. As well as these scheduled days, I may post discussions or reading updates (or something completely different) on other days!


All my links open to another tab, so don’t worry about losing your place on the post.

Enjoy reading, please follow, share and comment to let me know what you think, I love constructive criticism – but keep it nice! 😉


What do ya think?

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