I Experienced the Worst Thing a Book Lover Can.

This is a slightly humorous, but terrible (for me) story about a recent purchase I made on The Book Depository (TBD from now on).

I love TBD, you can get so many great deals, and it’s a way of me getting some of the more beautiful editions of books, rather than being restricted by the UK editions.

And this is not a gripe at TBD.

Basically, while I was frantically ordering these two while I was in the middle of The Bronze Horseman, I accidentally read their blurbs.

Actually, when I say accidentally, it wasn’t that accidental because I didn’t think they’d have any spoilers for the books. I don’t really know why I thought this, because it is a series, and the blurb would have to give a quick summary of the book (that’s what it is there for after all).

But I got MAJORLY spoiled. As in, UNBELIEVABLY spoiled. One of the biggest questions of The Bronze Horseman is whether the two characters will be able to be together, and whether they will even still be alive!! And the blurbs of the next two books gave both of these questions away.


I was so annoyed! Because normally I can forget the spoiler, or at least I put it to the back of my mind and it doesn’t affect my reading. But these spoilers have stuck in my mind and I know it will impact my reading of the next two books. Cry.

I will of course be reading the next two books anyway, but I know what happens in at least the end of the next one.

What are your thoughts on spoilers of series? Has anyone else experienced such turmoil?


Catriona x


2 thoughts on “I Experienced the Worst Thing a Book Lover Can.

  1. Absolutely hate when blurbs spoil the novel!! 😭 I’m a massive book lover and love being surprised by the end of the story, so I get really annoyed or upset if it gets spoiled for me!


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