Update: Where I’ve Been & What I’ve Been Reading

It’s been almost a year since I wrote my last blog post. And I’m very sorry for that. I have missed writing on here very much and sharing my thoughts on books, but I have several reasons why this blog has been so inactive.

Firstly, school has been insane. Since I last wrote, I did my end of Year 12 exams, applied to university, got rejected from universities, got accepted to universities, and then been buried in work.

Secondly, I haven’t reading very much fiction. The course I applied for for university required a lot of non-fiction reading, and so all of the time I had for reading has been devoted to that, and that kind of reading is not the type of books I will be discussing on this blog. If you are interested, I actually created another blog for my EPQ called ‘Social Dilemmas‘, which is a blog about Economics and Politics. I have written about many Economics and Politics books and events which you might be interested in checking out (click that link to go to the blog).



My plans from now on then…


I’m currently on Easter break, and have been reading quite a lot of fiction to relax before I kickstart the craziest revision I’ll ever have done – A-Levels 😥 – and so I thought I would do a little update. I will hopefully doing a few more wrap ups of what I’ve been reading recently, although I probably won’t have time to do reviews and recommendations posts for a while.

The thing is, I really don’t want to let this blog go. I knew I wouldn’t be posting for a while back last year, and I was okay with letting my reading go for a bit while I focused on school, but I am really proud of what I built here from scratch, with no help or guidance. So I will be continuing with this blog when I can.

I am taking a gap year next year, and will have more time to devote to reading and writing and posting on this blog, so you can expect a good reboot then, but apart from that and an eventless August, I will be busy for the near future and you won’t hear very much. Stay tuned and patient, I beg of you!!


Anyway, now for the ‘what have I been reading’ part of this lengthy post!

I recently finished ‘The Bronze Horseman’ by Paullina Simons, and ADORED it!! I can see some issues with the romance of this novel, but after such a long period of not reading anything, I was so surprised at this book which kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire plot.

It was such an engrossing, heart-warming and heart-wrenching book, I flew through it. I read the 800 pages in under 4 days and immediately ordered the next two books off The Book Depository, and am still eagerly awaiting them!! (I have a funny story which I will be sharing next week about this particular order, so stay tuned for that!)


I was talking to a friend who is just as book crazy as me and she said I had to read Jane Eyre, which we had talked about before as it is one of my most anticipated non-fiction reads. She’d just finished it and said she loved it, so I picked it up right away!! I’m currently on page 90, and am getting through it quite quickly. As soon as the next book in the Bronze Horseman trilogy comes though, I will be putting it down unfortunately!!



So there’s my little(ish) update and sincere apology for my absence. Thank you very much for sticking with me, I will be rebooting this blog in the summer if you could stay patient for a few more months!!

Thank you again.

Catriona x


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