Why I’m NOT In a Reading Slump (and neither are you)

When you’re burning through two books a week, it can feel very strange to start slowing down your reading to one book a week, then two books a month, then one, then… None.

It’s been happening to me over the past few months. At the end of last year and at the beginning of this year, I was reading with a crazy speed, and could sometimes get through a 400 page book in two days. But since exams have set in, and the pressure for school has turned high, it’s difficult to motivate myself enough to read fiction. (I have been reading non-fiction for school, but that doesn’t count as reading for pleasure).


Most people would say I am in a reading slump, and we are very quick to label a slow down of reading speed as a ‘reading slump’, but what does that actually mean?

It just means that you aren’t reading as much as you normally would, your reading pace is below average.

Of course, it is presumed that reading slumps are bad, and should be avoided. Especially on BookTube, you get videos of people begging for recommendations for short, quick books that will get them back into reading. But why do you have to ‘get back into reading’? Surely as a book lover you love reading?

Just because you are reading less due to external circumstances and a loss of free time, it doesn’t mean you are any less of a book lover!


A quick little rant with a conclusion: I am not in a reading slump because they don’t exist, and you are not in a reading slump either. A slow down in reading speed is perfectly normal (in fact, surely getting through a book every two days is abnormal?). So don’t worry about not reading as much! You still love books!


— Catriona


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