The Girl With All The Gifts: Progress Report

This is just a quick update as to how my reading of this book is going, as it is taking me a long while to get through it and I would like to discuss it.


I am currently 200 pages through the 45o-something book, and there is only one word really to describe my feelings about it at the moment: boredom.


Yes, I am bored of the ‘most original thriller you will read this year’, and everything is looking pretty bleak in terms of my reading experience.


The beginning of the book was quite enthralling, there was a good set-up of the state of the world and everything that was going on. However, where I am very used to having books which start off poorly and get better, unfortunately this book did the opposite. It started off good, and got noticeably worse.


About to head into some spoiler territory, so if you haven’t read up to this point in the book or further, look away now…



I had quite high hopes for this book going in, and that is the worst thing you can do to a book – expect too much.

I definitely didn’t think it would be a zombie book (a genre which I am not fond of at all) and the character development is slow (and character development is very important for me).

Everything was good up to the point when I realised that Melanie was a Hungry herself, which was the last thing that I found interesting. Now that they are out of the base and trekking towards… Beacon? I don’t know where they are going, but the journey is painfully slow and dragged out.

They’ve only had one day, but it has been a tedious one.


Is this a thriller? Certainly doesn’t thrill me like a Dan Brown (don’t hate me for comparing to him!)

What are your thoughts on the book? I don’t think I will DNF it, because I’ve never done that and I don’t think it gives a book a chance, but please tell me it gets better!


— Catriona


What do ya think?

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