Halfway Through NaNoWriMo: An Update.

Hello Friends! I thought I would just share you a little spontaneous update for how my NaNoWriMo is going, as I have kind of been neglecting my blog for the past half month (my fingers just can’t type that much!!).

Here I am on NaNoWriMo if you want to Buddy me, I would love to talk to you guys about how your writing month is going if you are participating!


So, we are halfway through the month of November, and I HAVE reached the halfway goal of 25,000 words. As my word count currently stands, I am on 26,588 words, so I am really pleased that I have managed to sneak ahead a little, and I am feeling pretty comfortable.

I haven’t been finding writing a huge problem – I haven’t got into any writer’s block moments yet (although I think I very narrowly escaped one about 4,000 words back, it was very touch and go there for a second!), and I am really hoping it will stay that way.

I keep trying to write early in the morning, and reach the daily 1,666 word goal that way, but honestly, I find it really difficult to write in the morning, because my brain is just not with it, so I find my best writing time is in the evening, snuggled up in bed with some hot chocolate (and a muffin if I’m really lucky!) and I can pound out around 2,000 words a session that way.

My plot hasn’t really changed that much. I hadn’t written anything down in the way of plot planning; it was mostly in my head, and there were a few things that didn’t really connect in my head, but I’m pleased to say that when I started writing the novel out, I was finding links that I hadn’t previously thought of, and it didn’t jump around as much as I thought it would.

This is my first time participating in NaNo, and I really didn’t expect my inner editor to feel so annoyed at being shut out! I hardly even thought I had a mean inner editor until I wrote out a chapter and then refused to look back on it. Honestly, I have one word doc for my whole novel (although don’t worry, I am backing it up!) and I have just been hitting out the words and going, not looking back AT ALL. It’s a very interesting experience.

My ‘Region’ on NaNo has it’s own Facebook page and everything, and it’s great to have a chat to some of the people there, some crazy (extremely impressive) people have been setting themselves really amazing targets, like writing 5k a day, or writing TWO novels in the month, or doubling the word count, and it’s brilliant to see that most of them are doing well and achieving those goals.


That’s all for me on this update, I hope all of you guys doing NaNo are at the halfway point, or not too far behind, but remember that it is most important to enjoy yourself, and if you don’t get to 50k, that’s not a problem.

Have a lovely evening and thanks for reading!

— Catriona


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