BR: Hush by Sara Marshall-Ball

“We only get what we deserve.”

This is a dark contemporary novel about two sisters, who were involved in the death of a friend, in mysterious circumstances. It is about how they evolve and heal as women, and their relationships with friends and family.


  • Writing quality: 4/5
  • Plot: 3/5
  • Characters: 4.5/5
  • Enjoyability: 4/5
  • Ease of reading: 4/5
  • Thought-provoking: 3/5
  • Merit and originality: 3.5/5
  • Overall love: 10/15




Although it was a pretty basic contemporary thriller, the style of ‘then’ and ‘now’ was done well, and Lily hallucinating nearer the end added a layer of suspense which was very well written.

“Excessive thinking without an object on which to focus thought was the quickest route to insanity.”

There was a nice air of mystery surrounding the past and the characters (who were well portrayed), and the book got better as it progressed.

“Did she make decisions… or did she simply drift along on the tides, finding, losing, allowing other people’s chances to shape her existence?”

It dealt well with the topic of selective mutism, as well as themes like relationships, bullying, and healing. I adored the stories that Richard told Lily to help her sleep; they were really beautiful.



Comment below on your thoughts! Also, feel free to recommend some of your favourites. Are there any book which you would like me to review?

Thank you for reading!

– Catriona x


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