T10T: Books I’d Want On A Desert Island (S1E7)


Another fun one – these are the books I would want if I would ever be on a desert island (not that that would ever happen!).




1. Twilight

Just because this is one of the first books I really loved – and have never really stopped loving! There’s a lot of hate for this, but it shouldn’t be taken too seriously! It’s fun, light, and I can reread this so many times!



2. The Raven Boys

There are lots of dimensions to this book (and this series!) so this would be another great book to read over and over to discover all about it!



3. Lola and the Boy Next Door

Such a cute little book, I’m in love with all the characters, so it would be great if I could be with them all the time!



4. The Bible

It’s just huge! If I was going to be stuck for a long time, I’d want something massive so I could read something new everyday. And it would be a good time to work my way through it!



5. Eldest

My favourite book in my favourite fantasy trilogy….



6. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

I just love how complex the characters are and how great the ending is!



7. All The Light We Cannot See

Another deep, multi-dimensional read – this is the highest rated book in my book journal!



8. The Night Circus

One of my favourite books of this year, the best word to describe this is… Magical.



9. I Am Pilgrim

I haven’t actually read this yet – I only read about 50 pages of this before giving up (temporarily!), but I really want to get through it, and this would be the best hypothetical opportunity to spend time to get through it.



10. Inferno (Dante Alighieri)

This poem is so long and heavy, again, the best time to get through it would be on a desert island!






Thank you for reading, I really got into that! Please comment 🙂

– Catriona


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