Blogging Days

Hi guys!


Just came back from holiday – hence my absence.

Currently doing some serious writing for the next week, and I wanted to talk to you (very briefly) about my type of blogging.


Talking to some people, I notice a two different types of blogging styles (relating to the writing process, not content).


Some people blog everyday. They sit down at their computer, and they write the blog post for that day, and publish immediately. They do this almost everyday.

Some people blog once a week, writing an entire week’s worth of posts, and schedule them to automatically post when they want them to go live. This is my type of blogging. On a Sunday, or a Saturday, I will sit at my desk for a few hours, and write! I find this is more convenient for my busy schedule elsewhere – it gives me more flexibility.


I was just wondering what type of blogger you guys are! As I sit here, writing 13 posts for the next couple of weeks, I wonder if this is really the most efficient way of doing things…


As always, thank you for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts below!

— Catriona


What do ya think?

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