About My Journaling (Part 1)

I’ve broken this mega-post down because there are lots of pictures, and no-one really likes long posts, so here is part one of a probably three part mini-series. I hope you enjoy!

I’ve been journaling for over three years now, and my journaling has developed as I tried out new techniques and styles. My first journal was this one:


which I bought with my best friend at the Works for a very reasonable price. It is a cute little thing, and fit all the criteria I had at the time for a ‘perfect’ journal (now, I realise that there is no such thing as a perfect journal). This criteria was:

  • it had to have black lines – there were lots of journals that I saw at the time which had purple or pink lines, which I didn’t really like.
  • the lines had to be the right spacing – not too small that it is hard to write in, and not too large that there is a lot of space wasted.
  • it had to be ‘funky’ – I honestly don’t really know what constitutes ‘funky’, but clearly eeyore sufficed…

Not really much of a criteria, but it worked for me.

I wasn’t going to use the notebook for a journal – I always used them for writing – but as my friend mentioned she was going to write a diary in it, I thought I would too.

It was such a new experience for me; I had never even considered it before, I didn’t think it would interest me. But it did.


I wrote in it every single day for about a month before slipping into a few days a week, then once a week, then I eventually stopped writing for a couple of months, before I religiously began again.. My first entry was 22nd of May 2012, and it was really messy.

I wanted it to look sophisticated, so I slanted my writing even more than it was already (because all the famous writers wrote like that, right?), and I didn’t break paragraphs (maybe as a rebellion against my English teachers). However, it wasn’t long before I realised that there was no point writing my life down if I couldn’t read it, so my handwriting gradually straightened, and I used paragraphing.

Here are a few pictures of this first journal. Sorry if some of them are hard to see. I had to blur a couple for privacy, and my camera isn’t great anyway!

I always like adding notes at the end. Some of them are sweet, some are reminiscent, and some are just boring!
Adding tickets and other tidbits are always a favourite of mine.







I hate moaning, especially about blogging because I love doing it so much, but a post with this many pictures is such a pain to arrange!

Hope you enjoyed, stay posted for the part 2!


— Catriona


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