Translated Tuesday: Episode 4 (Persuasion)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! Click here for episode one of this fun little series, and please enjoy these 5 translated extracts of the classic Persuasion, by Jane Austen.




The Musgroves, like their houses, were in a state of attraction, perhaps of improvement.



Musgroves improve their ability to attract and buildings.




That she was coming to apologise, and that they should have to spend the evening by themselves, was the first black idea; and Mary was quite ready to be affronted, when Louisa made all right by saying that she only came on foot, to leave more room for the harp, which she was bringing in the carriage.



They will spend the night he was alone, was forced to apologize, and the idea of ​​the first black Mary spaces for wheelchairs have to go to the piano, he told Lewis the preparation of a crime.


To be fair to google translate, the original was pretty convoluted and unnecessarily complex!



If I am a fool, I shall be a fool indeed, for I have thought on the subject more than most men.



I was stupid, I am stupid thing most people think of this.





Her sensations on the discovery made her perfectly speechless. She could not even thank him.



Open the exact meaning of his words. To thank him.






He thought her a most extraordinary young woman; in her temper, manners, mind, a model of female excellence.



Character, appearance, intelligence and honesty; He saw a most wonderful child.





As usual, I had great fun doing this, please keep your eye open for the next edition of Translated Tuesday, where I will be messing with All The Light We Cannot See!


Thank you for reading,

– Catriona


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