BR: “The Humans” by Matt Haig

The point of love was to help you survive.

The Humans follows an alien who was sent to earth to possess the body of a science professor who made a breakthrough so huge that it would destroy humanity. Or so the aliens believe.

This alien now goes through human life, not understanding the purpose of clothes, love, and many others, the ignorance and pointlessness of humans baffling him.

To care for others is self-preservation. You care for someone and they care for you.

I enjoyed this book. The first 75 pages or so was a tough struggle, as the plot was slow and the pauses to observe the mundane were frequent, but it was a case of adjustment.

Every ingredient inside a star is inside you.

  • Writing quality: 3.5/5
  • Plot movement: 3.5/5
  • Plot strength: 4/5
  • Characters: 3.5/5 – Although I loved the main character, he was the only person I really felt connected to.
  • Enjoyability: 4/5 – It was funny in parts, fascinating in parts, and boring in others.
  • Ease of reading: 4/5
  • Thought-provoking: 5/5
  • Merit and originality: 4.5/5 – I haven’t read a book like it.
  • Overall love: 7.5/10 – It was interesting and thought-provoking, but the plot lagged at the beginning, and the writing pace was hard to get used to.


You’re life will have 25,000 days in it. Make sure you remember some of them.



If you think something is ugly, look harder. Ugliness is just a failure of seeing.

This book was very interesting for me – I struggled through the first half of the book because of the slow plot, but after a while I got used to the writing style. At the beginning, there was a lot of description of mundane things, which I found hard to adjust to, but I began to enjoy all the alternate opinions!

Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.

The ending was brilliant for me. I loved the integration into humanity which the alien went through, it was such a unique book!

Don’t worry about your abilities. You have the ability to love. That is enough.

It turned out to be a fascinating book. It was probably the first time that I stepped outside my own mind, and looked at humanity from this type of viewpoint. There were many times where I laughed, smiled, or looked at something a different way, and this is definitely going to be a reread for me.

Maybe you are a road, not a destination. That’s fine. Be a road. But make sure it’s one with something to look at out of the window.

There were so many things which I want to remember from it, because I think it would really teach me about my own life and morals.


Simply wishing was enough, if you wished hard enough, with the right kind of intelligence.



Comment below on your thoughts! Also, feel free to recommend some of your favourites. Are there any book which you would like me to review?

Thank you for reading!

– Catriona x


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