Life of a Bluebird: S1E3

Life of a Bluebird Episode 3, where I answer four random questions for a bit of learning about me, and (hopefully) a bit of fun. I will always answer these 100% truthfully.



Question 1: Do you have any nicknames?

Some of my canoeing friends call me Cat. I hate it.

Question 2: Ever had any rumours spread about you?

Yes. Enough said.

Question 3: Do you hold grudges?

Depending on the person and the crime. Basically, yes, I do.

Question 4: How do you vent your anger?

I sometimes talk to my guinea pigs, I journal, I write. I talk to friends.




Thank you for reading, please comment below your thoughts, and also if you have any questions which you would like me to answer in the next episode, please tell me!

– Catriona


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