Top 10 Bloggers (Who Don’t Blog About Books) (S1E4)


Last week, I told you my favourite book bloggers, and this week, I will tell you about my favourite other blogs, in no particular order. These have caught my eye and kept it, with inspiration to be found at every turn!


  1. Ben Casnocha
    An fantastic, must-see blog, which helpfully has a ‘best of the blog’ post, which is the link I’ve given you.
  2. Vocativ
    “News from the deep web” – fascinating stories, in a format making it easy for you to choose which you wish to read.
  3. The Elephants
    A group with a five part system to improve planning in your life, I strongly recommend you visit this blog right now.
  4. Seth Godin
    A blog started in January 2002, this blog has enough captivating content in its archive to keep you reading for months!
  5. Live Your Legend
    A fantastic blog, with great resources and an incredible idea – ‘the revolution’.
  6. Pick The Brain
    With four topics of focus: motivation, productivity, health and self-improvement, since 2006, it has grown to be the fastest growing self improvement sites on the web – and for good reason!
  7. 365 Letters
    Originally started in 2009 during a project to write a letter every day, the blog has continued to flourish with great posts!
  8. Pacific Standard Newspaper
    Fascinating stories about a wide range of topics, this newspaper usually approaches popular topics from a different angle, making very interesting reads.
  9. Washington Post
    Always up to date with the latest news, I sometimes spend hours browsing through the articles.
  10. Marc and Angel
    An incredible blog with a huge archive of inspirational posts, with 304 posts in ‘aspirations’, 325 in ‘hacks’, 408 in ‘happiness’, 700 in ‘life’, and many more.





Thanks for reading! Please comment below your favourites!

– Catriona


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