Top 10: Top 10 Bookbloggers (S1E3)

As a book blogger myself, there are many blogs that I follow, and I wanted to share my top ten with you today! Let’s jump right into it…


1. 101 books

The inspiration for Bluebird’s Book List, Robert Bruce is reading his way through the best 100 books (according to The Times’ list) plus Ulysses. He posts regularly about this, among other things, and is well worth the visit!


2. Reading in Bed

Another listy person, Laura is reading through a list of 1001 books! Although she posts less regularly than Robert, she has very interesting opinions and discussions about books.


3. The Reading Nook Reviews

With very detailed reviews, I enjoy reading what Jess and Tom post – and they post almost everyday! As well as having a beautiful blog layout, they have a large archive of reviews for you to flick through.


4. The Broke and the Bookish

Another beautiful blog, these nine ladies are best known for the meme ‘Top Ten Tuesday’, and known they are – I’m sure you’ve heard of this blog before.


5. Such a Novel Idea

Another pretty blog, run by more than multiple ladies! Three lovely people, hosting a lovely blog, what is not to like?


6. Thistles and Whistles

One my newest interests, this post caught my eye, and it hasn’t wandered since. Just check it out!


7. Bookshelf Fantasies

Posting very frequently since 2012, and having posted over 300 book reviews, I love this blog! Especially this Book Blog Meme Directory; which introduced me to fantastic new blogs, and new interesting features.


8. Book Briefs

Having an even more impressive record than Fantasies, and read over 110 books this year already, this is a definite blog to follow.


9. YA Midnight Reads

A beautiful blog, with great features and fun reviews which are well worth the visit.


10. River City Reading

More great features, more great reviews, this is definitely another to add to the list.



I realise some of these are brief, but I wanted to let the blogs do the talking instead of me – they can do it a lot better than I can!

Thank you for reading, comment below your favourite book bloggers!

– Catriona x


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