Translated Tuesday: S1E3 (Anna and the French Kiss)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! Click here for the index of posts, and please enjoy these 5 translated extracts of Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – a fabulous contemporary (you can check out my review for it here)




I browse my favourite message board to see what they’re saying about Dad’s new film.



This is my favorite message board movie tells the story of the father will look to see.


It sounds like whoever wrote that was drunk!




And when I touch his arm, I shove it. Because that’s what friends do.



When I touched her hand, he translated for me. What members.


What members?



Dirty clothes and towels in heaps across the floor. Half-empty water bottles. The contents of his school bag spill from underneath his bed, crinkled papers and blank worksheets. I take a hesitant whiff. Dank. It smells dank.



Dirty clothes each floor polotentsem.Napolovinu empty bottle vody.Chisty sheet of paper under your bed, curled erase the contents of his bag. I have a little restraint. With gratitude. It was a musty smell.


I think there were some major problems there with the translation! Some of it is still in Dutch or Slovak.




Classes pick up with the professeurs anxious to get to the halfway point in their lesson plans. We pull all-nighters to keep up, and we cram to prepare for their finals.



Desire and class Professeurs reach the center of the course. We collected their final preparations for the game, creating a craving -nighters.


Creating a craving… Nighters!




I carry the box eagerly to the lobby sofas and dig for something to open it with.



I am a hot box lobby sofa, an open dig.


No idea what that means!



I laughed with all of those!

Thank you for reading,

– Catriona


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