May and June Wrap Ups

Last month, I have only read 3 books! As a proud book blogger, that is shameful for me, and therefore to make it look like I have read more, I am going to include the books I read in May as well (because despite my exams, I read a surprising number of books)


In May I read:



Nothing Left to Lose

Inheritance (review released on July 5th)

Deathnote Black Edition Volume 1 (review released on July 12th)

The Humans (review released on July 19th)

Animal Farm (review released on July 26th)

Do No Harm

inheritanceEragonthe-humansDeathNoteVol1Eldest_book_covernothing left to lose

do no harmanimalfarm



And in June I read:

City of Ashes (review released August 2nd)

All The Light We Cannot See

The Book Thief (review released August 9th)City of Ashes

all the light we cannot seeThe Book Thief

Thank you for reading, what did you read this month?

– Catriona


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