About My Rating System

I have always rated books on the 5 star rating system, and that has been absolutely fine for me, because I would read very similar YA books which made it easy to judge the books on a single scale, on enjoyment.

However, this has changed! I have decided to design my own little unoriginal scale for rating my books. This was brought about by my May reading – I read The Inheritance Cycle (Fantasy), Nothing Left to Loose (New Adult), Deathnote (Manga), The Humans (Science Fiction), Animal Farm (Classic) and Do No Harm (Non-Fiction). So you can see that there is a huge range there, and I just don’t think a 5 star rating system won’t be suited to me anymore.

This is for several reasons; I no longer feel that rating purely out of enjoyment is fair; and if I read a thousand books, for example, how will I determine between the best 5 stars?

No, I had to change it.

So I brainstormed different things which I rate books on; characters, plot, writing quality, etc, and I had about 6 or 7, so went online, and googled it! I found some helpful sources, and I added a couple more so I had 9. They were:

  • Writing quality /5
  • Plot movement /5
  • Plot strength /5
  • Characters /5
  • Enjoyability /5
  • Ease of reading /5
  • Thought-provoking /5
  • Merit and originality /5
  • Overall love /10

I was going to rate them all out of 5, but wanted to bring it up to a scale out of 50, so I increased the ‘overall love’ to 10, because it still is the most important factor for me.

This may seem overly complicated to you, but it actually helps me a lot, because I can rate each point separately, instead of taking them all into consideration and having to rate them once. It makes my process actually easier and quicker, and when I have reached a ‘score’, I feel confident that it is what I feel about the book!

When I’ve finished, I multiply the rating by two, so the rating is now a percentage.


So that is my new rating system! Please leave a comment below your thoughts! Thank you for reading,

~ Catriona ~


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